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Video: In space, The Devil Wears Prada can hear you scream

Posted by on November 12, 2015

  The Devil Wears Prada released their latest EP Space a few months ago and, as you may have figured by the titled, the concept of it surrounds everything related to space and what space-concept album would not include the subject of aliens. We already heard the song “Alien” in the past but the band was not going to pass […]

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Vagus Nerve (Doc Coyle’s new band) asks ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’

Posted by on October 28, 2015

Earlier this year Vagus Nerve played their first show in Brooklyn, NY. That’s the band that ex-God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle has been playing with the past few years. Featuring vocalist Ravi Orr of Phyllotaxis, Aden Oxenreider on bass guitar, Moe Watson from Aliens (and touring with Shai Hulud right now) on drums, and guitarist Mike Gowen of Mother, […]

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