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King Conquer drummer attacked in mosh pit

Posted by on September 8, 2015

Last night (7), Florida deathcore band King Conquer was in Marietta, GA as part of the ‘Death Take Me Home’ tour with Here Comes the Kraken, Dealey Plaza and Adaliah. However, things got violent during Adaliah’s last song as  King Conquer drummer Chris Whited was attacked in the pit and needed to be taken to […]

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New & Noteworthy, August 28th – Onward Into Battle

Posted by on August 28, 2012

Last week, I promised a very strange thing. And while I’m not going back on my word, I’m still wondering why I put it this way: We answer the question once and for all of who would win in a popularity contest between gothic, doom-influenced progressive metal, and spastic, technicality-riddled mathcore. It should be quite […]

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