GNR TroubadourRumors began to circulate earlier this week that Guns N’ Roses would be playing a surprise show somewhere in Hollywood tonight. While the famed Whiskey A Go Go was quickly ruled out, it’s now been confirmed that GN’R will indeed be performing at the Troubadour tonight, marking the first time Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan have shared the stage together in well over a decade.

While only costing $10, a limited amount of tickets can currently be purchased at Gibson Brands on Sunset, formally known as Tower Records. Tickets are limited to only one person, and (obviously) have to be purchased in-person. Apparently an “Immersive GN’R Experience and Check Out the Pop-Up Shop” is also on-site.

Word about the show quickly spread when people noticed the Gibson Brands location being remodeled to look like a Tower Records, while workers also began planting promotion flyers. Unsurprisingly, there’s a huge line outside the store, and tickets will likely be sold out within minutes.

Yet we still don’t know who else, other than the three original members, is actually in Guns N’ Roses’ latest incarnation. We know Izzy Stradlin is out (for now), but a recent post on the band’s instagram account has added more fuel to rumors about Steven Adler’s involvement. Plus, we’re still wondering if Rose has other commitments

In case you’re wondering if this is an April Fool’s joke, check out photos taken by Suzy Cole on the scene of Gibson Brands’ Sunset location in the gallery below.