Don Doty of Dark Angel joins supergroup Eliminate

Posted by on October 29, 2013

EliminateWhen rumors of a Dark Angel reunion began circulating, the band’s management was certain to clarify that singer Don Doty would not be part of the reunited lineup. Whether ideas for forming another band or his elimination from Black Angel’s future came first, Doty will now be part of the metal supergroup Eliminate. He joins forces with Sasha Horn of Forbidden on drums, Scott Owen formerly of Hirax on guitar, Henry Elizondo of Devastation on guitar and John Signorelli of Subversion on bass. According to Eliminate’s Facebook page, Mitch Harris of Napalm Death was also slated to join the band, but due to other responsibilities will only be involved in the writing process at this point.

Coining themselves the Heisenberg of heavy metal they are already working on material and plan on touring in 2014. Eliminate summed up the new project in one of their social media posts:

Seasoned veterans, exceptional players, great people, and we’re excited to jumpstart this project into the writing phase with this bunch. True soldiers they are.

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