Dark Angel management speaks on reunion rumors, says Don Doty won’t be involved

Posted by on September 5, 2013

dark angelFollowing a string of rumors stemming from estranged Dark Angel member Don Doty, the band’s management has made an official statement regarding the future of the band. Dark Angel will in fact reunite for shows in 2014, but the dates have not been booked and Doty will not be involved.

The confirmed roster will include:  Gene Hoglan on drums, Jim Durkin on guitar, Ron Rinehart on vocals and Michael Gonzalez on bass, despite indications the vocalist may have made staking future involvement with the band.

Hype began swirling surrounding a Dark Angel reunion following statements made by Doty. Those statements in turn caused other members to respond, blowing up a whole mess of confusion for Dark Angel fans on both sides of the lead-singer debate. And rightfully so, since Dark Angel has gone through its share of lineup changes and breakups in the past.

In an attempt to clear up the confusion, Dark Angel’s management addressed Doty’s involvement specifically in the statement.

The lack of responsibility that Don Doty is displaying by posting false information and unfounded rumors is creating confusion for Dark Angel fans. There is no “Team Don Doty” or “Team Ron Rinehart”.  There is ONLY Dark Angel. We will not be a part of anything that damages this band and its reputation.

Management also made it clear that all official information regarding the band will come from them. Lesson learned from this charade – don’t believe rock stars. 



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