Mike Portnoy Forms New Group With Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy Guitarist

Posted by on July 26, 2011

Need more Mike Portnoy in your life? Well you’ll be getting just that very soon, as it’s been revealed that the former Dream Theater drummer has formed a power trio with former Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy guitarist John Sykes and a bassist TBA.

Last Friday, Portnoy tweeted that he was in LA working on a classic rock style project, but yesterday he and Syke appeared on That Metal Show to officially announce their new group. Once news leaked from the set, though, Portnoy went to his forum and gave the following explanation:

“Just a few quick comments…. — Yes, this is what I’ve been working on here in LA for the last week or so (as well as a few days at the end of May)

— John & I have been working with a bass player as well (no, not Dug Pinnick) [ed. Note: Kings X’s Doug Pinnick and  RATM’s Tom Morello were also guests on That Metal Show, hence this picture] and the announcement of who it is will be made at a later point…let’s just say it is a completely ridiculous modern-day power trio!!!

— We’ve demo-ed 12 songs so far and will begin recording the album in the Fall…

— Eddie did NOT spill any beans on me…the plan all along was to announce this on THAT METAL SHOW and make no mistake about it, this announcement was THEIR exclusive to announce regardless of whoever is now reporting it…

— I’ve tweeted some photos tonight of me, John, Eddie, etc in case somebody would like to repost them here…

— For the record, this is a new “real BAND” for me, and Adrenaline Mob is also a new “real BAND” for me.

I will divide my time as best as I can between the two (hey, if Corey Taylor & Jim Root, Mike Patton, Joe Satriani & Chad Smith, Zakk Wylde all can do it, so can I!) and I am equally excited by both…as they are both amazing new bands, but VERY different worlds musically…so there’s really no clash creatively…

Timing wise, Adrenaline Mob is happening NOW….and my band with Sykes & _____ wont be released later next year….so they’ll be able to co-exist just fine!

— While on the subject of “real BAND vs. “side-project” and time dividing…there still is my album w Morse, Morse, McPherson and LaRue as well (which also is incredible! and a whole OTHER side musically)…which may fall more into the “side-project” catagory (ala Transatlantic & LTE) as of course, Steve has Deep Purple as his full time band…release info on that is still forthcoming as well…

Exciting times are ahead kids!!  : )

I can’t wait for you all to hear what I’ve been doing all year…”

While Portnoy/Syke’s That Metal Show episode was filmed yesterday, it is unclear as to when it will actually air. But have no fear, fans looking forward to seeing Adrenaline Mob open for Godsmack and to hear their debut EP. This new super trio won’t affect any of Adrenaline Mob’s plans. Dream Theater fans looking forward to Portnoy returning to his over technical progressive roots, though, might have to wait a little longer. Nonetheless, Portnoy seems to be pursuing musical projects that he wants to do, so good for him.

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