Mike Portnoy Explains How A Label Works

Posted by on July 22, 2011

Along with the announcement that Adrenaline Mob will be opening for Godsmack next month, Mike Portnoy also gave an update on when fans can expect to hear music from his latest supergroup. While the group’s (also featuring Symphony X’s Russell Allen, Fozzy/Stuck Mojo’s Rick Ward, guitarist Mike Orlando, and bassist Paul DiLeo) debut album won’t be released until early 2012, Adrenaline Mob will be releasing an EP just in time for their tour with Godsmack.

Now it might seem obvious as to why their debut album won’t be released until next year, especially since they still haven’t signed to a label. However, the former Dream Theater drummer decided to still give an explanation for the delay, posting the following on his website’s forum:

“Most labels require a 3 month ‘setup’ for a well promoted release…as it is now late July, delivering the album to a label TODAY won’t get a release til October…and basically ALL labels won’t release a new album past October (unless you are Madonna, Lady Gaga, Eminem, etc.)

So rather than us taking these Godsmack shows with NOTHING available and a release not likely till January (or so), we decided to put out an EP to give you all a taste of The Mob now so we can play some shows and still set-up a full length release!

Believe Me (no pun intended), we are as anxious as you all to hear this music!!!”

An exact date for when the EP will be released is unknown at the moment. It’s also unclear as to what tracks will be featured on the EP, how it’ll be released, or even if the band has been signed by a label yet. I was at their debut show in NYC and got to hear them play every song they plan to include on said debut. And from what I heard, Adrenaline Mob definitely sounds like the type of band who’d fit perfectly on tour with Godsmack. Adrenaline Mob is also reportedly planning headlining dates to coincide with their new opening gig as well (exact dates and cities to be announced soon).

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