Happy 4/20! Go to Sleep

Posted by on April 20, 2017

Today is April 20th., and while most people that smoke don’t need their own day to celebrate, 4/20 has become the stoner’s holiday. No better time than the present to revisit Sleep’s finest hour and three minutes with Dopesmoker, and album deemed not worthy of being put out by their label, London, upon being delivered it in 1995. Retitled Jerusalem, it was released in 1999, then finally reissued as it’s proper name back in 2003. Given that the band are finally back in the studio to record it’s follow-up, we’ll have a whole new Sleep album to celebrate next year hopefully. In the interim, you can wander through the desert like the album cover by playing the video game.

Meanwhile, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said that the streaming giant’s biggest competitor in an age of binge-watching is the fact that everyone has to sleep at some point in time. In response to a tweet from the company stating as much, Matt Pike and co. responded in the best way possible:


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