Rex Brown Parts Ways With Arms Of The Sun

Posted by on February 15, 2011


This past weekend, it was revealed that Down/ex-Pantera bassist Rex Brown had parted ways with his more mainstream rock band Arms Of The Sun. Brown had previously performed live with the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas based band and was featured on their soon to be released debut record, which was produced and mixed by Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones). While the split was amicable, singer/guitarist Lance Harvill released the following statement:

“We have had a situation where we could never see eye to eye concerning the business and creative sides of the band. I love Rex as a friend but if I say it’s red he sees it as blue. It doesn’t make either of us right or wrong but the songs were written long before Rex ever joined this band, so not getting to make executive decisions over certain creative aspects of the band created a problem for me. It’s understandable, you have the rockstar in the band who has earned his stripes and carries the attitude to go with it, and you have me as the maniacal writer, who can pretty much go with the flow about many things, but when it comes to the art and how it is made and sold I feel I should have somewhat of a say. We get along great as friends, but like I said before, we share two separate visions for where a band should go. Much love to him, his beautiful family, and his music endeavor.”

Brown’s replacement in the band has yet to be announced, and the album’s release date is still pending. I’m sure, though, that Brown will be able to keep himself busy, especially with Down’s upcoming plans. We’ll keep you updated when more is revealed/confirmed.

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