Dirge Within Singer Shares His Side Of The Split

Posted by on September 25, 2012

Last month, Dirge Within released a statement that basically announced that they had parted ways with singer Jeremy “Jerms” Genske. While it was unclear as to whether it was a firing or quitting, the one thing that was pretty clear that the split was not on good terms. And now Genske has given his side of what actually went down.

In a statement given to Blabbermouth, Genske claims he chose to leave due to drama and unprofessionalism occurring in the band (or more directly with guitarist Shaun Glass). Here what he had to say on the matter:

“I would first like to thank anyone that bought, stole, or downloaded Dirge Within music. I don’t care how the music got out there as long as it did, so I thank you all sincerely! And to all the people that came out to the shows, rocked the pits with me during our sets, bought merch, and hung out with me at the merch table after shows, all your contributions were what gave us our (whatever limited) success. It was an honor to play for you and meet you all, and I’ll never forget it.

Now, I know this is definitely old news by today’s standards, but I felt like it was time to set the record straight and let my voice be heard, other than on a CD. The band’s ‘unofficial’ statement about me came as a shock. And when I say the ‘band’s,’ I really mean [that of guitarist Shaun] Glass. To me, and [to] anyone [else] with a brain, it came off as a drama-filled, fact-less rant designed to make me look like the bad guy. A bunch of ‘facts’ twisted and molded to his benefit. Which is fine, and not at all unexpected if you know his history.

The truth of the matter is our debut album, ‘Force Fed Lies,’ came out a little over three years ago, and in that small time, five members total and all four original members have left the band. Only one constant remains, and it’s not very hard to figure out where the problem truly lay. Don’t get me wrong, I used to love being in this band and am still very proud of the music I helped to create while in the band, but I honestly couldn’t do it anymore. The unprofessionalism, drama, backstabbing and bad business practices that surrounded this band and its ‘leader’ became too much for me to handle. It was, quite literally, destroying my passion and love for writing and performing music, and I couldn’t let that happen.

Yes, I had to miss that Static-X show in Chicago on August 23rd. I had a prior engagement that I could not miss. I was asked by a dear friend to stand up with him in his wedding. Six months prior, I respectfully informed Shaun and the guys about this. I told Shaun regarding the week leading up to the wedding, to please not book any shows just for that time period. It didn’t seem too much to ask. So what happened? A last-minute show was booked. When I reminded him that I could not play the show that night because of the rehearsal, I was met with two hours or more of yelling, bashing, and disrespectful comments such as, ‘No one cares about you. You can be replaced in a heartbeat, bud.’ Ultimately I was given an ultimatum, play the show or else. I chose ‘or else.’

A band is supposed to be a family, and you don’t disrespect your family like that. Among various other reasons, this all boiled down to disrespect and unprofessionalism. So many bridges have been burned during my tenure with the band and so many people that have tried to help this band get to the next level have been pushed aside as insignificant. People used for favors. Various labels, management, producers, publicists, merch companies, ect., who have done their part eventually turned a blind eye and a deaf ear because of it. I did not want to be a part of that situation anymore, and be associated with that kind of behavior.

I am beyond thankful for everything being in this band has given me. I am not a ‘rock star’ nor will I ever claim to be one. I am a musician who was given some incredible opportunities. I’ve gone on some great tours with bands that have become great friends, seen so many things on the road, got my name out there, and met some kick-ass fans. It’s unbelievable that I got to have three albums released worldwide. And yes, Shaun helped put me in that position. I wouldn’t say otherwise. As hard as it was, it was just time for me to walk away.

Again, I want to thank everyone that believed in me and believed in Dirge Within. It truly means the world to me. I sincerely apologize to anyone that this may negatively affect in any way. I had a blast with you all and I look forward to what the future brings. ‘Til we meet again!

With much gratitude and respect, Jeremy”

Dirge Within have yet to directly respond to Genske’s statement. However, not too long after the statement was released, the band posted on Facebook that “Yes Jerms is no longer in Our band and a new killer vocalist will be public asap.” In other words, it’ll be only a matter of time till Dirge Within reveals their new singer and fires back at the old frontman with a response.

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