DevilDriver part ways with guitarist and drummer

Posted by on October 28, 2014

DevilDriver ex membersWe knew Dez Fafara would be spending a considerable amount of time on Coal Chamber’s reunion album. However, it looks like now he’ll also be spending that time looking for a new guitarist and drummer for his other band DevilDriver.

Just a few days after playing Slipknot’s Knot Fest, Fafara announced that DevilDriver has parted ways with guitarist Jeff Kendrick and drummer John Boecklin. Here’s Fafara’s full statement:

“Hey everyone. What a blast Knotfest was. No better way to end the Winter Kills cycle. With the end of this cycle comes some other endings. John Boecklin, Jeff Kendrick and DevilDriver have parted ways. Nothing dramatic, no drag down fights, just time to move on. As I have said previously, DevilDriver is on hiatus while I rejoin Coal Chamber for a new record release and tour. DevilDriver will be back, make no mistake of that, in 2016 with a new record which we are already writing, tours around the world and the massive pits you have all gotten used to. All in DevilDriver wish John and Jeff the best.”

Shortly after Fafara’s statement was posted on the band’s Facebook, Kendrick made the following statement:

“I want to thank our fans all over the world for allowing me to live the dream of playing guitar in DevilDriver for the last 12 years. It will be some of the fondest memories I will ever have, and it has been a tremendous honor and a pleasure to play for everyone, everywhere. I want to make it clear that this is my decision, and I have nothing but love for all my brothers in the band. I revere my bandmates with the utmost respect and am happy for the experiences we have all shared. I am moving forward as an executive in my company All Axess and have several other things in the works. Thank you to all the fans, I love you all! This is just the beginning for me!”

Granted, DevilDriver is no stranger to lineup changes. However, it’s still a shame to see the band part ways with two of its original members. It’s also rather surprising given that Fafara had talked about working on new music with Boecklin as recently as February. It’s nice to hear though that the split wasn’t dramatic (at least according to Fafara) and that DevilDriver still intend to return with a new album in 2016 despite the lineup changes/Coal Chamber reunion. No word yet on who will replace Kendrick and Boecklin, though it’ll likely be a while till they even find replacements given Coal Chamber’s upcoming plans.

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