Spin Magazine recently asked Slayer guitarist Kerry King to reveal a few of his favorite things. Most of the things he mentions aren’t too surprising, like that his favorite book is not the Bible or that alcohol is his favorite pass time on the road. However, there were a few things that King mentioned that surprised us.

One thing that stood out amongst his favorites was his love for Angry Birds. King listed the puzzle game as his favorite video game, and even admitted that he got Exodus’ Gary Holt hooked. He also named his Smartphone as his favorite gadget simply because he can play his favorite game.

Another favorite of King’s that we found surprising was his love of Family Guy. When revealing that Family Guy was his favorite TV show, he said “It’s just intelligent comedy. Some of it is so fast paced, I sometimes have to rewind and figure out why it’s so funny.” Hmm…Family Guy…intelligent…ok.

So what could be more surprising than finding out that Kerry King loves Angry Birds and Family Guy? Finding out that his favorite celebrity is actor Ryan Reynolds. When asked why, King said “How can you go wrong with Van Wilder! Just watched it again last night.” This leads us to wonder if he’s seen Green Lantern yet. And hey, if Johnny Depp can jam with Steven Tyler and Alice Cooper, and if Shia LaBeouf can film Marilyn Manson, who says King and Reynolds can’t meet up one day?

It’s not that Angry Birds, Family Guy, and Ryan Reynolds are crap. We still enjoy old Family Guy episodes, and you really can’t go wrong with Van Wilder. We just never expected to hear King rave so much about them. Just like his band mate Dave Lombardo, King is full of surprises.