This week started off with some vague announcements on the System of a Down and Lamb of God front. While Lamb of God’s led to a new website, and System of a Down announced a few new shows, drummer John Dolmayan has been releasing some provocative teasers via his Twitter account. “Yes, it’s true,” the first tweet read on Monday. “There will be,” a second one said the following day. The next two tweets looked like a countdown was happening, with Wednesday’s reading “4444444444” and yesterday’s a number of 3s. Earlier today, however, his tweet simple read “HgtcS.” What’s that mean? Probably nothing. Let’s take a few guesses, though:

  • Have gone twitter crazy suckaz
  • Here goes the crash sound
  • Have grandma’s Thankgiving cranberry sauce
  • Have German Turks captured Serj?
  • Heaven’s got terrible cell service

Okay, maybe it doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that John Domalyan is trolling the hell out of all of us. Way to go, John. Do you have any suggestions of what it all means, man?