Eyehategod Fan Hates God, Breaks Into Church

Posted by on September 14, 2010

Meet Bradley Dishner. The 22 year-old gentleman apparently likes Eyehategod, but maybe more for their band name than their music. That might start to explain why the Rochester Hills resident broke into the St. Paul Albanian Catholic Church this past weekend. According to ABC Detroit affiliate WXYZ, a member of the church saw glass broken out of a door, and when a man was seen by a priest in the altar area of the church, he ran out of the church into the woods. The douchebag in question was apprehended in the woods, and he told deputies that he’d been drinking and smoking the ganj before breaking into the church. Other than the damage to the door, nothing was stolen or vandalized, but as of yesterday, Dishner was still being held in the Oakland County jail.

Listen, lots of people drink, smoke weed and listen to sludge metal. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (well, except for the fact that marijuana’s still illegal for some reason, but that’s a different conversation for a different time). And pretty much all of them except for this guy have been content to bang their heads, drink more, and have a good time and leave it at that. But by breaking into a church while wearing a metal shirt, especially an Eyehategod one, Dishner is just giving metalheads a bad name. Way to go, douchebag. [thanks for the tip, Zena Metal]


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