Sometimes it comes as a surprise to see how broad metal has become over the years and the kind of audience it reaches, particularly in the entertainment business like Matthew McConaughey and his audition video for Dazed and Confused wearing a metal shirt, or even the president of Indonesia who’s an avid Napalm Death fan. But even when that seems to have become fairly common, it still comes as a surprise when people somehow related to pop music show their metal side.

The last person you’d imagine to be a a metal fan would be King of Pop’s daughter but guess what? Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, is indeed a metalhead!



If you’re thinking “well, liking Metallica isn’t such a big deal” she also has pictures of herself in the middle of a moshpit and checking out Motley Crue, confirmed that it’s not just a one-off.






Sure liking Metallica and seeing Motley Crue isn’t exactly going to see a black metal show or wearing corpse paint, but it’s apparent that at least  unlike some others, she’s not just doing it for fashion.

[via Metal Injection]