daisyScott Putesky played a major role in the Florida goth rock scene since the early 90’s. However, most fans likely know him as Daisy Berkowitz, the original guitarist of Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids. And unfortunately, it appears that Putesky has been in the midst of battling stage-four colon cancer.

According to WLRN, Putesky discovered he had colon cancer back in August and was prescribed him six months of chemotherapy. A benefit show called Beat 4 Life to raise funds for the guitarist’s treatment is slated to take place this Saturday (November 16) at Churchill’s Pub, where he and Manson played their first show together. Putesky, though, will not be able to attend as he’ll still be receiving medical care in Philadelphia. Despite the turn of events, though, Putesky seemed in good spirits while talking to WLRN, letting his mustache grow as a symbol of hope. “It represents my personal crusade,” he told WLRN, two months into his six-month chemo treatment. “Cancer: Take my hair. Take my mustache. I challenge you. I still have my hair and mustache. So I’m winning.”

After meeting a young singer by the name Brian Warner (now known as Manson), Putesky helped launched Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids in 1990. Under the guise of Daisy Berkowitz, the guitarist appeared on Manson’s first two albums, 1993’s Portrait of an American Family and 95’s Smells Like Children. Putesky parted ways with the band midway through the making of Antichrist Superstar over creative differences. “Maybe if I really analyzed the people’s motivations, I could’ve sat down and rationally and diplomatically dealt with it,” Putesky reflected when speaking to the New Times Brodward Palm Beach about the album’s 15th anniversary. It’s not too likely. The figures responsible for the bullshit were doing coke and drinking booze all the time. You can’t be rational with people who are irrational for those reasons.”

More info on the Beat 4 Life cancer benefit can be found online. We’re hoping for the best for Putesky in his battle against colon cancer.