Indie metal label Battleground Records shutting its doors

Posted by on December 11, 2017

Sad news out of the metal underground today as indie label Battleground Records has decided to shutter its doors. Over the last five years Battleground Records has graced us with some exceptional releases from the likes of Eight Bells, Godhunter, Rozamov, The Ditch and The Delta, and a split release from Theologian and Lament Cityscape just to name a few. The full statement regarding their closure, found on their Facebook page, reads:

END OF THE LINE: Hey all, now that the CHRCH/Fister split is released and all the preorders have been sent out, it’s time to announce that Battleground Records is out of business. We had a really fun five years and released a lot of great music for some of our good friends over that time, but selling records is a fickle business and more often than not lately, we feel like we’re not properly reaching our audience and it doesn’t feel right to keep putting out records if people aren’t buying them.

If you ordered records from us during the summer sale or the recent preorder, you probably found some extra records in your package. That’s because we have been trying to move a lot of the dead stock we have. I don’t want to take records to the dump, so I’d rather give them to you for free. As such, the store will remain open until my current stocks are exhausted, and for every record you order, you will also get a record for free. We’ll keep doing this until we’re out of records to sell or give away.

If you run a store or distro and you’d like to carry get anything from us at wholesale, just send me a message on here or an email and I’ll give you some great price breaks.

We have already shut down the label Twitter and Instagram, and this page will be deleted soon as well. Other than that, we just want to thank all the bands that gave us a shot at releasing their music and especially all the fans that have bought records from us over the last five years. You are all deeply appreciated. That’s really just about all we have to say about this, so really, thanks for everything. We’re signing off for good now.

Nothing gold can stay…



We highly recommend you get your hands on the releases listed above, plus all the rest of Battleground’s back catalog, while they are still available. 

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