If you’re wondering what the fiscal future of webcasting and radio is, today would be a good day to get your C-SPAN on. Music is expected to be the topic on Capitol Hill today, as the U.S. House Judiciary Committee should be debating the new Webcaster Settlement Act as well as consider the Performance Rights Act.

The Webcaster Settlement Act seeks to obtain financial relief for webcasters after the Copyright Royalty Board’s devastating 2007 decision on royalty rates. Webcasters are seeking to negotiate royalty rates similar to those of cable and satellite broadcasters, rather than the current, more expensive ones imposed two years ago.

The Performance Rights Act would require terrestrial radio stations to pay performers royalties similar to those which songwriters receive.

“We are hopeful that the House Judiciary Committee will address this important radio parity issue when it considers the Performance Rights Act this week, and that a revised standard will in the future be the basis of more reasonable CRB royalty decisions so that future Webcaster Settlement Acts will not be necessary,” Jonathan Potter of the Digital Media Association (DiMA), said in a statement.