What “Secret Project” Does Trivium Have Up Their Sleeves?

Posted by on May 19, 2011

Trivium’s follow up to 2008’s Shogun is expected to be released on August 9, right in time for their stint on Mayhem Fest. But it would appear that Trivium has something special in the works. In addition to revealing that they were going back into the studio to fix a few tweaks, guitarist/frontman Matt Heafy revealed the following via Twitter:

“Day 1 of rehearsals for… ‘something.’ You’ll just have to wait and see what it is when the album comes out.”

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto added onto the speculation by tweeting the following:

“Rehearsal today and all week for a top secret project this Sunday.”

So all we know about this “secret project” is that it has something to do with the new as-yet-untitled album and requires extensive rehearsals (observant, eh?). Could Trivium be recording songs with a special guest musician? Are they recording a set of covers? Are they actually rehearsing for a musical stage performance to coincide with their new album?

Ok, probably not the latter one, but at this point they could be referring to anything. We’ll keep you posted when more is revealed about Trivium’s secret plans.


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