Suffocation Part Ways With Mike Smith?

Posted by on February 23, 2012

Late last night, Suffocation drummer Mike Smith posted a cryptic message on his website and Facebook page. While the letter doesn’t directly say anything about his current status in the band, it has given many people the impression that Smith has once again parted ways with the death metal group.

“There are not many things related to the Suffocation brand I can honestly say brings me sadness. Except, the lack of pride that exists within those who have the ‘right’ to claim the name as their own. This battle has been one that to any focused being, should make obvious sense but has evaded some for 2 decades. Within any foundation the weakest link will always cause all structure to crumble.

The one fact that keeps me at peace is the fact that anyone who has ever seen or spoken to me regarding Suffocation and the industry as a whole, has always left with an understanding of the level of focus and pride that I personally hold for myself, the brand that is Suffocation and the genre We influence and helped create. As I´ve always said, if you are willing to put your time and soul towards anything at all as I´ve done within the metal community. Be willing to speak truths, fight and bleed for it if need be. Or take your earned position in the back and wait while others do it for you.”

Though the band posted a tweet this past Tuesday (February 21) to clarify that they were “NOT breaking up,” Suffocation have yet to comment on rumors regarding Smith’s departure. Management also had no comment when we reached out. Adding onto the speculation, though, is the fact that the band performed a few East Coast dates with former drummer Dave Culross (also formerly of Malevolent Creation).

Smith, a founding member, previously left the group in 1994, only to return when Suffocation reformed in 2002. While there’s no doubt that Suffocation will be able to continue on, it would certainly be a shame to see them without Smith if the rumors are true. While we wait for an official statement, we can watch fan filmed footage of Suffocation playing with Culross in Allentown, PA Saturday night (February 18) can be seen after the jump.


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