Is Duff McKagan returning to Guns N’ Roses?

Posted by on March 31, 2014

duff tweet gnrIt’s been 17 years since Duff McKagan split from Guns N’ Roses. He’s since joined Axl Rose and the new version of GN’R onstage a couple of times, but now there are hints that the bassist is making returning to the group for good.

Earlier today, McKagan tweeted the photo seen above along with the text “Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil! See y’all in the next few weeks, Si? GNR.” As you can see, the image appears to be a hand-written set list with a crap load of GN’R songs. And it’s certainly no coincidence that Axl and co. are hitting each of the countries listed in McKagan’s tweet starting tomorrow (April 1).

Granted, this could mean many things. For instance, it’s unclear if McKagan is rejoining GN’R for good or just filling in for current bassist Tommy Stinston (who is prepping to play Coachella with a reunited Replacements) during the South American tour. Either way, unless this is a premature April Fool’s joke, it seems safe to say that Duff will be doing more than just a handful of songs with GN’R in the very near future.

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