Has Spotify Finalized A Deal With WMG?

Posted by on July 8, 2011

When Spotify “announced” that it was finally coming to the U.S., we figured that meant that they finally secured deals with all four of the major labels. However, many sources are reporting that there’s still one more hold out.

According to Digital Music News, Spotify has yet to finalize a deal with Warner Music Group. While no official confirmation about this has been made by either party, Digital Music News reports that multiple sources claim this to be true. Whether a deal with WMG is close to being finalized or is still a major work in progress is at the moment unclear.

This would somewhat explain why nothing new has developed since the announcement, despite allowing U.S. residents the opportunity to register for email updates. Hopefully the European music service is simply putting the finishing touches on a deal with WMG. Spotify really cannot go through another long-term delay, especially after this week’s announcement and with the iCloud/iTunes Match nearing its full debut in September. The cloud is getting crowded, and Spotify needs to make their mark, or at least unveil information about what the service will entail for U.S. customers, sooner than later.

Of course, most of the news regarding Spotify nowadays is unconfirmed (it wouldn’t be a story about Spotify if there wasn’t speculation, eh?). As always, we’ll keep you posted when more develops.

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