It’s Official: Spotify To Finally Launch In The U.S.

Posted by on July 6, 2011

It’s been a deal in the works for almost three years now. And after countless delays and securing deals with the last two of four major labels last month, it’s now official: Spotify will be launching in the U.S.

Though an exact launch date has not been announced yet, the European music service is allowing U.S. residents to sign up for an invitation to the service when it becomes available on their website’s home page. The homepage also reveals that Spotify will allow you to stream any of its million tracks via any mobile phone or computer FOR FREE. Granted, it is unclear whether the service will only be free for a trial run (which is likely considering the limitations on free streaming they’ve made recently) or if a freemium account will be offered for the long run.

All of this comes two days after our buds at Metal Sucks reported that Spotify was indeed launching this week. Whether the service will indeed come out before the end of the week, though, is still unclear from what Spotify revealed today. Thus, we’ll keep you posted when more develops.


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