Do Baroness Have A New Bassist?

Posted by on April 13, 2012

Earlier this week, we were excited to learn that Baroness will be releasing their new album Yellow & Green on July 17. In fact, we were so excited about the news that we missed an interesting bit of information in the press release. As The PRP was kind enough to point out, Matt Maggioni of the band Unpersons is listed as Baroness’ bassist in place of Summer Welch.

However, not only does the press release says nothing about lineup changes, but Baroness’ Facebook still lists Welch as a member of the group. Granted, we have no doubt that Baroness will be able to move forward without any real problem. However, we’re still left with the unanswered question: do Baroness have a new bassist?

As of now, Relapse Records has yet to respond to our inquiries, while Baroness have still not addressed the new bassist. Hopefully more will be confirmed soon.

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