Reivew/photos: Marduk makes triumphant return to NY with Abysmal Dawn and Incantation

Posted by on August 31, 2017

The North American journey for the Swedish black metal outfit Marduk hasn’t been an easy ride. It was this time last year when they were forced to drop out of their headlining run with Rotting Christ, Carach Angren, and Necronomicon. Earlier this year, they embarked the first batch of makeup dates in support of their latest effort, 2015’s Frontschwein via Century Media. Unfortunately, during that trek, Antifa aggressively found a way to have one of their scheduled dates cancelled. Guitarist Morgan Håkansson spoke out about the incident admitting it was, “blown out of proportion.” Between their no-show and Antifa, fans questioned their second return.

Luckily, they were up for the challenge and have been in attendance for every appearance so far. Their official Part two of the Frontschwein North America trek includes Incantation and Abysmal Dawn for support. We were there for their New York City show this past Tuesday (29th) at the Gramercy Theatre.

Abysmal Dawn kicked off the evening continuing to support their well produced fourth studio album 2014’s Obsolescence via Relapse Records. Songs from that album included “Human Obsolescence,” “Loathed in Life/Praised in Death,” “Inanimate,” and they closed with “The Inevitable Return to Darkness.” They also dipped into their debut album with “Servants To Their Knees” from 2006’s From Ashes. Other tracks included “Grotesque Modern Art” from 2008’s Programmed to Consume along with “In Service of Time” and “Rapture Renowned” from 2011’s Leveling The Plane of Existence.

Abysmal Dawn

Incantation were there to bring their tenth studio album Profane Nexus via Relapse Records to life on stage with songs “Rites of the Locust,” “Lus Sepulcri,” “Omens to the Altar of Onyx,” and “Messiah Nostrum.” The death metal giants continued to divulge into their extensive catalog with tracks such as “Carrion Prophecy,” “Christening the Afterbirth,” “Rotting With Your Christ,” “Dominant Ethos,” and “Ibex Moon.”


The moment Marduk walked on the platform, many fans felt as though weight (or the wait?) has been lifted. It was essentially a year of anticipation and the black metal Swedes surpassed their delivery, which included songs that traced back to 1993’s Those of the Unlight with the song “Wolves.” Prior to vocalist Mortuus informing the audience they have one more song left, the venue suddenly went silent. The silence was brief, however, fans moved into a vigorous chant. Typically, at this point, the crowd would shout the band’s name. However, everyone joined together screaming, “FUCK ANTIFA!” The group appreciated the audience’s kind gesture as Mortuus jumped off the stage to personally thank as many fans within arms reach.

The evening could have ended following the heartfelt embracement. However, the group had one last surprise for their devoted crowd. While many assumed the show was over, they returned to the stage for one encore tune, as they closed the night with “The Black Tormentor of Satan,” taken from 1996’s Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered. It is safe to say, Marduk did more than making up for lost time, as it was by far one memorable night.



“The Blond Beast”
“Of Hell’s Fire”
“Materialized in Stone”
“The Levelling Dust”
“Throne of Rats”
“Warschau III: Necropolis”
“Cloven Hoof”
“To the Death’s Head True”
“Souls for Belial”
“Wolves” 93
“Panzer Division Marduk”


“The Black Tormentor of Satan”


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