Elder is one of the highly talented bands that is so difficult to categorize, largely because it’s so many sounds brilliantly mixed into one unique and rich audio experience. Omens, the band’s latest effort, is a cornucopia of sound. Expertly mixed and progressive without overdoing it or getting monotonous, Elder highlights their musicianship and songwriting craft in meticulous ways.

Melody and rhythm abound in tracks like “Embers” which has these beautiful multi-faceted keyboard parts over a cinematic like soundscape.  Tracks like “Embers” take you to a different place and time – all so appropriate for the COVID-19 horror happening in the world today. While listening to Omens I was able to just not think about all the complexities going on outside the door and really just enjoy what these four guys have put together.


“One Light Retreating” reminds me a bit of really good 90’s indie rock, but of the slightly heavier and more musical side of the genre in the beginning of the track. Of course, in true Elder fashion the song starts to move into the psychedelic realm a couple minutes in and then takes the listener on this magical ride for the next 9 minutes or so.

“In Procession” is a rocker that reminds me a bit of one of my newfound favorite bands, Bask mixed with Ghost and a touch of Hawkwind. Does that sound weird? I guess it does, but believe me, it’s really quite good.

The opening track, “Omens” is a real standout – again loving the keyboards here – and you’ll get roped right into this five song disc that will amaze and wow.

This is an innovative record that is a welcome ride away from the mundane banality of today’s corona-existence.


Omens releases April 24 and can be ordered here.