Bask was checking into Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia’s Fishtown section this past November 25, 2019 and Metal Insider was there to… well… bask in this band’s goodness!

The band featured songs off of their most recent III record, which is out now on Season of Mist records. If you haven’t listened to this record yet, you should. It’s probably something you’ve never really heard before. Even if you think you’ve “heard it all,” I’m guessing you probably haven’t experienced anything like Bask. And unlike Motley Crue, I’m not lying to you here.

Here’s what hits me so hard about these guys – there’s this push and pull between the rhythm section and the guitars that really makes this band click so well. Many a time through the set you clearly see the aggressiveness of the bass and drums, but before it get’s too heavy, the guitars and vocals tend to reel it back in a little bit. This is the magical part of the songwriting and the fact that they can pull this off live demonstrates their high level of musicianship.

There was a definite mixed crowd in attendance… people with King Diamond shirts on, some Fishtown Gen Zers, flannel wearers and some curious locals. You could watch this band and try and figure out how to classify them… Are they doom? Psychedelic? Southern stoner? But here’s the thing to consider – why bother wasting time trying to pigeonhole and categorize their sound when you could just stand there and listen and really enjoy their live performance? This band plays so well together and has gelled so quickly. While watching them on stage you’d think they’d have been playing together for decades (though one can’t help but notice how young the guitarists look!).

The boys from North Carolina finished their set with what has become my two favorite songs off their newest album, III: Noble Daughters I – The Stave and Noble Daughters II – The Bow. This was the second time I’ve seen Bask this year.  Will I see them again? You bet. And you should check these fellows out in these smaller clubs before they get big.

Bask has a wide appeal and there’s a lot to draw people from all walks of life. Deep riffs, solid percussiveness mixed with an ample low end, melodic guitars and amazing vocals.