Cloak covers Philly in ‘Venomous Depths’ of darkness

Posted by on July 29, 2019

Georgia’s Cloak, on Season of Mist Records is one of the buzziest newer bands in the black and roll subgenre. Supporting Khemmis on the Summer Hunger East Coast Tour 2019, we caught them at Philadelphia’s Underground Arts on July 20th.

It was one of the hottest night’s of the year outside in steamy, humid Philadelphia.  Thankfully the venue had the a/c crankin’ and the room was quite full. Many folks on hand weren’t that familiar with Cloak before the show, however, as the Atlanta quartet started in with their first song, folks moved from the back bar and quickly filled in the space of the front of the stage.

Cloak is an impressive band and they bring this incredible mix of black metal, classic metal, and rock and roll. The riffs are big and the classic sounding solos mesh together extremely well. There is also a great deal of band chemistry apparent and they clearly have their stage presence down.

While the stage was small and devoid of significant lighting, their presence was big and there is no doubt they’ll be on larger stages soon. Check out Cloak now in these more intimate settings while you can because they’re headed for greatness.

Cloak will be opening for label mates 1349 in their upcoming Florida shows. This is a show not to be missed.


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