Album Review: Wilson – Thank you, Goodnight. Live

Posted by on February 1, 2021


On a cold December night at the end of 2019, long before we locked ourselves away to save others and fight over necessities from the COVID-19 pandemic, fans from around the globe gathered in a small, thousand-person venue on Detroit’s outskirts, Michigan.

Hailing from East Lansing, another small town on the outskirts of Detroit, rocker group Wilson was preparing to take the stage for the last time.

After over eight years in the chaotic music industry, something changed within the group, and the announcement was made: the band called it a day. However, they wanted to put on one last show. Wilson’s final show ended up being the last concert for many before the pandemic hit. I first saw Wilson as an opener for a touring band, then on the festival circuit, and most recently, they were the most talked-about party band on Shiprocked.

For anyone who knew Wilson, this show was a must. That night, fans found themselves able to bid on music video props, posters, albums, and other memorabilia signed by the band. When the house lights went down, the fuckery began!

“Thank You, Goodnight. Live,” which was officially released on January 29, is a small excerpt from what was witnessed that night. Ten of the band’s favorite songs, enshrined forever, on one live album. Lead singer Chad Nicefield can be heard joking with the crowd and reminiscing in between songs, trying to keep the emotions light. As I hear this album, it brings me back to that night, with the crowd screaming, singing along with every word thinking this is the end. A moment in time never to be seen again.

Chad had the evening recorded for memories as a keepsake for the band, in case they ever wanted to listen back on the legacy they created. Luckily, a sound-engineer randomly sent Chad a mix of “Dumptruck” from that night, and the rest is history.

Anyone who knows of Wilson will understand the following they’ve amassed and the “Fuckery Crew” that they created in their time as a band. This album is for them! High energy, fast-paced songs with wicked hooks and catchy choruses. This album will grab ahold of you and have you singing along by the second listen.

For someone who has never heard of them, do yourself a favor and crank the volume, tune out the world, and give this album hell. You’ll understand that missing them means you’re on the wrong side of history. Wilson’s goodbye that evening will be more of a see you later with any luck.

But, for now, all we have is a moment in time captured in its rarest form, something we all miss in this time of crisis: Live Music.

Track List:

01) Dumptruck

02) Wrong Side Of History

03) Give Em Hell

04) Windows Down!

05) Summertime Treat (Tasty Nasty)

06) The Flood

07) All My Friends

08) Fuck Up My High

09) Like A Baller

10) House Of Fuckery

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