As we reported, France’s legendary Mütiilation, which was conceived in 1991, surprised us with their sudden resurrection last month. The project of Meyhnach, Mütiilation may be described as their country’s definitive black metal band. Along with Maxime Taccardi, Mr. Meyhnach is the French black metal artist whose work I recommend most highly. Although Meyhnach has continued creating amazing music by means of other channels, Mütiilation has been silent for roughly 17 years, minus a one-off gig at Hellfest. Mütiilation has arisen from the crypt before. However, I honestly believed that the band had been laid to rest for the final time and was indulging in the bliss of permanent slumber. After all, Mütiilation is simply too excellent and true to the spirit of the movement for our age of watered-down, spineless, family-friendly “black metal.” Yet, on the other hand, how could Mütiilation stay silent when the outfit’s presence is so desperately needed?!

On March 29, or Good Friday, Mütiilation dropped the phenomenal six-song album Black Metal Cult via Osmose Records. This pure, necrotic, and murderous triumph is a bullet tearing through the weak flesh of posers. As Meyhnach states on “Hominicide,” which features highly pleasing groove: “In the flash of the blade, another puppet falls.” Mütiilation appeals to our bloodlust with killer riffs and crushing drums. A remarkably intense offering, Black Metal Cult never suffers from a weak moment and boasts entrancing songwriting that holds us, as if by brute force. The explosive energy of Black Metal Cult should hopefully encourage listeners to add new and exciting feats to their criminal histories. Meyhnach’s charismatic vocals epitomize strength and fiery aggression. A nice amount of Meyhnach’s lovely words are audible. His voice sounds absolutely fantastic. Both Meyhnach’s delivery and lyrics are, of course, seductively violent and truly dangerous — a refreshing contrast to the basement-dwelling-virgin black metal of today.

Indeed, Black Metal Cult is utterly Uncompromising throughout. A lot of bands use that word on press releases as a selling point, but Meyhnach embodies it. The fearless and unapologetic Black Metal Cult should inspire listeners to become more authentic curmudgeons. This effort is maximally hateful with evil atmospheres as cold as a psychopathic heart; the thoroughly uninviting character of the soundscapes is preserved by a production that perfectly suits the content. The title of the final composition, “The Mirror of Disillusion,” reflects much of the record’s attitude. “Black Metal Cult,” which serves as the opener provides the eulogy of the scene that we have been awaiting. Whereas Meyhnach briefly criticizes the internet and the “stupidity” engendered on this song, hordes of hypocritical musicians and fans pretend to be black metal while using Instagram to post huggy group selfies at modern-day extreme music circuses, I mean, festivals. Again, Meyhnach is one of the very last true black metal souls standing. In conclusion, do not listen to commercially-minded imposters or associate with the ovine rabble sporting Behemoth shirts; check out this album.

Rating: 5/5

(Purchase Mütiilation’s Black Metal Cult here.)