The extreme and irreverent metal of Electrozombies once again revolutionizes Chilean music by re-releasing their album Ancestral Terror in LP format via Eat My Records, substantially improving the quality of each of the songs. With eight tracks in total, this new album by Comegato (Miguel Angel Montenegro) is full of rebellion and overwhelming melodies that are pleasantly deafening when listening to them.

Originally released in December 2023, this new record is a reunion with the Underground sound of the group. With five albums under their belt, has been able to represent the Doom Crust metal scene in the country and abroad.The invocation towards terror begins with a series of pagan rites in a call into the infernal depths with the blasphemous prayers of the lyrics that accompany it. Being the initial step for the fast underworld drums, in conjunction with the accelerated riff of the guitars, to create an interesting melodic sequence, opening the expectation for what the rest of the album will be like.

This is where Hellhounds begins with the guttural vocals doing their thing in a powerful, dark vocal rumble, a sound that is maintained throughout the entire album and generates content that generally becomes powerful and extreme as each song progresses. The initial distortion of Night Corruption is present thanks to the accelerated percussion and the convoluted rhythm of the Chilean trio. Although it is told with the speed that is expected in this type of music, the melodic breaks closer to sludge-doom metal make the song even more somber and gloomy.

On an interesting progressive scale, it introduced Shadows Reign with an even heavier sound than the two tracks previously heard, creating complex and dynamic nuances in this delivery. The song that follows Dead Is In The Air introduces a new surprise that is Comegato’s screaming voice, giving an unexpected turn to what had been the course of the album, making the musical composition of the record a success in its entirety.

Following the trend of Underground the music becomes dense and heavy, with the whole full-length being a raw listening experience from start to finish. With its theme in Spanish, Mestizo, Highly influenced by indigenous themes, Electrozombies marks an attitude towards the anti-politics that exist in the country and the little roots towards the blood that runs through the descendants who still live in it.

The rest of the album follows the same compositional line, The Last Warriors, The Architects Of Fear and The Outside (Is A Fake Ghost) navigates between depth, complex mixes and the sound of disharmonic guitars that are accompanied by vocal passages that range from agonized screams to the most serious and gloomy growlings.

Overall, what Electrozombies delivers in Ancestral Terror is a highly intriguing listening experience where most of their songs are wrapped in this feeling of rage, darkness and nonconformity that is translated as a melodic explosion that resonates in the ears. The incorporation of vocal nuances in conjunction with the heavy and chaotic instruments give the sensation of musical impetus ready to break any foundation it passes through. Finally, it is worth highlighting the substantial sound improvement that the vinyl format provides, making the listening experience a resonant journey of musical power.


Side A:
1) Invocation Of Doom / Hellhounds (07:45)
2) Night Corruption (04:24)
3) Shadows Reign (03:53)
4) Dead Is In The Air (06:48)
Side B:
1) The Last Warriors (03:54)
2) Mestizo (04:39)
3) The Architects Of Fear (02:55)
4) The Outside (Is A Fake Ghost) (06:10)