Lamb of God’s Chris Adler is in a reunited… Nitro?

Posted by on November 30, 2016


Remember Nitro? The ’80s glam metal band was known for two things (aside from big hair): Jim Gilette’s piercingly high vocals and Michael Angelo Batio’s shredding and quad necked guitar. In fact, long after the band broke up in 1993, you could still see ads for Gilette’s “metal power” voice lesson ads in the back of magazines like Hit Parader. At any rate, Nitro is back, and they’ve got a new drummer – Lamb of God’s Chris Adler! 

That was the “something big” that Adler was referring to yesterday, and it’s, well, certainly not what we expected. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Nitro (like 23 years), but Blabbermouth cites an Ultimate Guitar article from 2008 with Batio saying that there probably wouldn’t be a Nitro reunion. The trio are currently writing and plan on recording next month with Josh Wilbur, who’s worked with Lamb of God most recently. Adler cites a “modern sound,” which certainly wouldn’t apply to the band’s breakout album, 1989’s O.F.R.:

“I used to wonder what a metal band would sound like with all the cheat codes unlocked, and, well, I don’t wonder about that anymore. I’m blown away by the modern sound and groove in the material. The chaos has been harnessed and it’s incredibly heavy.”

In case you were wondering what Nitro sounded like back in the day, check out their Headbangers Ball hit “Freight Train.”


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