opeth 2013Many fans of Opeth’s proggy awesomeness have been waiting with baited breath for June 17th, when the band’s 11th studio album, Pale Communion, was set to be released. They’re going to have to keep waiting, as Roadrunner Records has just announced that the album has been pushed back to August 26th. This is taken from their Facebook page:

Roadrunner Records group Opeth has announced that the release of their highly anticipated eleventh studio album, Pale Communion, has been reslated for August 26th. “Many of you have heard the rumours already and we can now confirm that the release of ‘Pale Communion’ has indeed been pushed back to late August,” commented Opeth frontman, Mikael Åkerfeldt. “Several circumstances prevented the band from delivering essential tools to Roadrunner in time which are needed to set up the album release properly and release schedule conflicts made us mutually decide on August instead of June.”

That’s a bummer. since fans had been expecting the lead single, “The Cusp of Eternity” to be out on Tuesday, the same day Pale Communion was slated to be available for pre-order.  Now the album won’t be available for pre-order until June 3, which is probably when the song will be released. An additional track will be released on July 15th. It didn’t help things that fans  took to Roadrunner’s Facebook page asking about the pre-order and were told to buy and listen to a Black Stone Cherry album instead. Opeth fans are vocally unhappy with the label now, but at least they know how long they’ll have to wait to hear new music from them.

Here’s the track listing:

01. Eternal Rains Will Come
02. Cusp Of Eternity
03. Moon Above, Sun Below
04. Elysian Woes
05. Goblin
06. River
07. Voice Of Treason
08. Faith In Others