Old Man Gloom recorded fake album, two real albums

Posted by on November 7, 2014

Ready to be confused? OK, here you go. On November 11th, post-hardcore supergroup Old Man Gloom will be releasing The Ape of God, their second album since returning from an eight year hiatus. They sent the album out to press to review and everything, with Metal Sucks among those giving it a glowing review, who called it “far from a traditionally structured album.” There’s a reason for that, however. That’s because it’s not the real album. And the Old Man Gloom album The Ape of God that’s coming out on Tuesday is actually two albums, neither of which is that album that was sent out to reviewers. That’s some Inception shit right there. From the band’s Facebook page:

Guess what, assholes. The Ape Of God is two entirely different albums. If you downloaded some leaked shit, you don’t have either. You have some bogus version we gave to press, cuz we knew those jerks would leak it (if you reviewed that fake record positively, thank you. We’re just THAT good). 
We will always trick you. 
We will always trick you. 
We will always trick you.

Bravo. It’s unclear how different the press version is from either of the albums, or if any of the songs on the fake The Ape of God made their way onto the album(s). If this was truly done to discourage leaks, then it’s a well done move. If it was done to just fuck with everyone, that worked too. Here we are writing about it. If any of the songs on the albums are as solid as “Predators,” then we’re on board. We can’t find this online, but according to Metal Sucks, they later added:

To be fair we, Old Man Gloom spent a lot of time on the music and putting together the “fake” version of the album. It is still music we believe in and 100% stand behind. We’re not punishing anyone, and if you had fun with the record as we have with everything that has gone into it, then we’ve done our job. And also, anyone that did their research on Old Man Gloom should know that we’re pranksters who ARE GOING TO FUCK WITH EVERYONE ALL THE TIME.

The Ape of God will be released on November 11 on Profound Lore.

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