Nevermore’s ‘The Complete Collection’ due in March; Sanctuary launches fundraiser for Warrel Dane’s funeral

Posted by on December 20, 2017

Following the passing of Warrel Dane, Sanctuary members launched a GoFundMe account in order to help with funeral expenses.

The page reveal the following details:

“On behalf of friends and family of the Sanctuary camp we are bringing Warrel home to Seattle.

On Wednesday, December 13th the world lost an amazing human. Our dear friend Warrel Dane, who achieved fame with the bands SANCTUARY and NEVERMORE, passed away of a heart attack in São Paulo, Brazil while recording what was to be his second solo album.

Warrel had a one of a kind voice. The highs, the lows, the grit, the charm… he had it all.

His smile, infectious energy, and incredibly kind heart will forever be in our memories.

Warrel meant so much to so many.

In the wake of this unexpected loss, the expenses to bring him home for a proper memorial service is quite high. Currently, his monies are not accessible and this fund will be used by family members to cover the costs associated with transporting him home and final burial expenses.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated

Much Love and Gratitude,

Sanctuary, friends and family

In honor of Warrel, his beloved Seattle family are holding an informal community wide gathering, offering everyone who felt touched by his life, in any way, to share the grief of this loss and the joy of his sweet memory.  

Sunday, January 7th

Studio Seven

110 S. Horton Street

Seattle, WA 98134

Times: TBD”

Unfortunately, we will never see a Nevermore reunion. However, the group’s previous efforts will be released in a new box set. The Complete Collection will arrive on March 9th, and you can pre-order the set here.


Disc 1: Nevermore (1995):

01) “What Tomorrow Knows”

02) “C.B.F.”

03) “The Sanity Assassin”

04) “Garden Of Gray”

05) “Sea Of Possibilities”

06) “The Hurting Words”

07) “Timothy Leary”

08) “Godmoney”

Bonus tracks:

09) “The System’s Failing”

10) “The Dreaming Mind” (Demo 1992)

11) “World Unborn” (Demo 1992)

12) “Chances Three” (Demo 1992)

13) “Utopia” (Demo 1992)


Disc 2: In Memory (1996):

01) “Optimist Or Pessimist”

02) “Matricide”

03) “In Memory”

04) “Silent Hedges/Double Dare” (Bauhaus cover)

05) “The Sorrowed Man”

Bonus tracks:

06) “The Tiananmen Man” (Demo 1996)

07) “The Seven Tongues Of God” (Demo 1996)

08) “Passenger” (Demo 1996)

09) “This Sacrament” (Demo 1996)

10) “42147” (Instrumental Demo 1996)


Disc 3: The Politics Of Ecstasy (1996):

01) “The Seven Tongues Of God”

02) “This Sacrament”

03) “Next In Line”

04) “Passenger”

05) “The Politics Of Ecstasy”

06) “Lost”

07) “The Tiananmen Man”

08) “Precognition”

09) “42147”

10) “The Learning”


Disc 4: Dreaming Neon Blac (1999):

01) “Ophidian”

02) “Beyond Within”

03) “The Death Of Passion”

04) “I Am The Dog”

05) “Dreaming Neon Black”

06) “Deconstruction”

07) “The Fault Of The Flesh”

08) “The Lotus Eaters”

09) “Poison Godmachine”

10) “All Play Dead”

11) “Cenotaph”

12) “No More Will”

13) “Forever”


Disc 5: Dead Heart In A Dead World (2000):

01) “Narcosynthesis”

02) “We Disintegrate”

03) “Inside Four Walls”

04) “Evolution 169”

05) “The River Dragon Has Come”

06) “The Heart Collector”

07) “Engines Of Hate”

08) “The Sound Of Silence” (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

09) “Insignificant”

10) “Believe In Nothing”

11) “Dead Heart In A Dead World”


Disc 6: Enemies Of Reality (2003):

01) “Enemies Of Reality”

02) “Ambivalent”

03) “Never Purify”

04) “Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday”

05) “I, Voyager”

06) “Create The Infinite”

07) “Who Decides”

08) “Noumenon”


Disc 7: Enemies Of Reality Remix & Remastered (2005):

01) “Enemies Of Reality”

02) “Ambivalent”

03) “Never Purify”

04) “Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday”

05) “I, Voyager”

06) “Create The Infinite”

07) “Who Decides”

08) “Noumenon”

09) “Seed Awakening”


Disc 8: This Godless Endeavor (2005):

01) “Born”

02) “Final Product”

03) “My Acid Words”

04) “Bittersweet Feast”

05) “Sentient 6”

06) “Medicated Nation”

07) “The Holocaust Of Thought”

08) “Sell My Heart For Stones”

09) “The Psalm Of Lydia”

10) “A Future Uncertain”

11) “This Godless Endeavor”


Disc 9: The Year Of The Voyager (2008):

CD 1:

01) “Final Product”

02) “My Acid Words”

03) “What Tomorrow Knows/Garden Of Grey”

04) “Next In Line”

05) “Enemies Of Reality”

06) “I, Voyager”

07) “The Politics Of Ecstasy”

08) “The River Dragon Has Come”

09) “I Am The Dog”

10) “Dreaming Neon Black”


Disc 10: The Year Of The Voyager (2008):

CD 2:

01) “Matricide”

02) “Dead Heart In A Dead World”

03) “Inside Four Walls”

04) “The Learning”

05) “Sentient 6”

06) “Narcosynthesis”

07) “The Heart Collector”

08) “Born”

09) “This Godless Endeavor”


Disc 11: The Obsidian Conspiracy (2010):

01) “The Termination Proclamation”

02) “Your Poison Throne”

03) “Moonrise (Through Mirrors Of Death)”

04) “And The Maiden Spoke”

05) “Emptiness Unobstructed”

06) “The Blue Marble And The New Soul”

07) “Without Morals”

08) “The Day You Built The Wall”

09) “She Comes In Colors”

10) “The Obsidian Conspiracy”


Disc 12: Rarities & Demos:

01) “Temptation” (The Tea Party cover) (“The Obsidian Conspiracy” session)

02) “The Purist’s Drug” (Japan bonus track) (“The Obsidian Conspiracy” session)

03) “Crystal Ship” (The Doors cover) (“The Obsidian Conspiracy” session)

04) “All The Cowards Hide” (Japan bonus track) (“Dead Heart In A Dead World” sessions)

05) “Chances Three” (Japan bonus track) (“Dead Heart In A Dead World” sessions)

06) “Love Bites” (Judas Priest cover) (“The Politics Of Ecstasy” sessions)

07) “Termination Proclamation” (Live in London 2010) (previously unreleased)

08) “Your Poison Throne” (Live in London 2010) (previously unreleased)

09) “Emptiness Unobstructed” (Live in London 2010) (previously unreleased)

10) “The Obsidian Conspiracy” (Live in London 2010) (previously unreleased)

11) “Dead Heart In A Dead World” (Demo 2000) (previously unreleased)

12) “We Disintegrate” (Demo 2000) (previously unreleased)

13) “Insignificant” (Demo 2000) (previously unreleased)

14) “Engines Of Hate” (Instrumental Demo 2000) (previously unreleased)

15) “Acoustic Instrumental” (Demo 2000) (previously unreleased)


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