While we’re all looking forward to Mastodon’s seventh album Emperor of Sand out March 31 via Reprise Records, it seems Brent Hinds has another release soon after. Hinds told Loudwire he plans on releasing solo material on Record Store Day.

While asking about the new Mastodon album, Hinds changed the subject to his solo material.

“You know how you have to take the garbage out? Like a lot of garbage? Therefore, I have way too many albums sitting around basically. So I’m deciding to put some of them out. I’ve been marinating some of them for years and I said I don’t know if I like this. I know I can do better than this. Then all of a sudden a friend of mine wanted to listen to it, and I listened to it. I said, I wrote this? This is amazing! We should put this out. That’s what’s going to happen in June on Record Store Day. We’re  putting out an album out that I wrote entirely by myself called Cold Dark Place which is basically, myself, I’m a cold dark place.”

This is interesting on a few levels. First of all, Record Store Day is always in April, so unless there’s some big change that Hinds knows about and the general public doesn’t, then we’ll be getting his solo album a few months earlier than even he thinks. Also, given that his other side projects include West End Motel, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra and Fiend Without a Face, the fact that he’s got even more music in the can is truly impressive.

We’ll wait to see how serious he was about this, as he also spoke about eating horse sausage and said that the band’s Ember City rehearsal studio that they just opened in Atlanta is just for insurance money and that they’ll be burning it down.