Did you think that the 90 second samples of Geoff Tate’s new Queensryche album sounded a bit off? Apparently you weren’t alone. That’s why Deadline Music/Cleopatra Records hired producer/engineer Billy Sherwood (also formerly of Yes) to “remix” the record for an additional release.

After Sherwood let it slip that he was brought on to mix the album, Deadline issued the following statement to Blabbermouth clarifying details:

“Since previews of the new Queensryche album were made available to the general public on iTunes and other digital retailers, some of the response has been less than positive. Some complained about the overall quality of the recordings, and in particular the mix. We here at Deadline Music have the utmost confidence in the powerful songwriting and outstanding performances from Geoff Tate and crew on this album, but we also want the fans to know that we are listening to them as well! So, in the interest of democratic free choice, Deadline Music has commissioned the superbly talented musician/producer Billy Sherwood (formerly of YES) to remix the album. Now fans will be able to decide which mix they feel best represents the album: the original mix, which will be released on April 23rd, or the new mix by Billy Sherwood that will be made available at a future date to be announced…. WE REMIX, YOU DECIDE!”

So in short, Tate’s Queensryche will release TWO versions of the album (one with the original mix on its original release date, and the other featuring Sherwood’s touch). Why exactly they don’t hold off on releasing one version of the album with a mix everyone is happy with is unclear. However, it continues the “double” theme associated with Queensryche as of late.