New Audio Samples From Geoff Tate’s Queensryche Now Online

Posted by on March 13, 2013

The new Queensryche (Geoff Tate’s verision) album won’t be out with its not so subtle cover  until next month, but you can hear new samples from the album now. You can head over to iTunes, where you can stream 90 second clips of the whole album and judge for yourself. So, in addition to getting to hear the new songs, you’ll also get to hear the the bonus re-recording of tracks like “Silent Lucidity,” “Empire,” “Jet City Woman” and “I Don’t Believe In Love.”

From what we can tell, the new songs are what you’d expect from Geoff Tate. Meanwhile, the re-recorded tracks sound almost exactly like their original versions, for better or for worse. You can go ahead and compare these samples with the ones from the other version of Queensryche, but we won’t be able to properly do so until both are out. Frequency Unknown will be released on April 23, while the track listing can be seen after the jump.

Frequency Unknown track listing:

1. When Lightning Strikes

2. Running Backwards

3. Fallen

4. Life Without You

5. In The Hands Of God

6. Cold

7. The Weight Of The World

8. Slave

9. Dare

10. Everything

Bonus tracks:

11. Silent Lucidity

12. Empire

13. Jet City Woman

14. I Don t Believe In Love

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