Clutch Are Ready to Rock The Earth

Posted by on October 17, 2012

Clutch have revealed that their latest album will bear the title Earth Rocker, which sounds exactly like the kind of title Clutch would use. For further explanation as to why the band chose such a name, please refer to the video above, but the short answer is that “it just sounds cool.”

Vocalist Neil Fallon had this to say of the band’s latest:

“Last minute overdubs are fun. Harmonicas, tambourines (yes, we use those), claps, the odd backing vocal. Recording can be monotonous, so those unintended moments can be a lot of fun. It’s kind of like kindergarten music class, but with beer. And sometimes the spontaneity of a last ditch idea breathes a lot of life back into a song that we’ve been beating up for weeks on end. A looming deadline can be a great muse! It has a lot in common with Blast Tyrant in that Machine‘s production techniques are really unique. It differs from Blast Tyrant and a lot of other Clutch records in that, overall, the songs are faster and concise.”

The album is set to release Earth Rocker in March on their own label, Weathermaker Music. There’s no dates for the World Rocker tour in the US yet, but we can expect to see them sometime around March/April. Otherwise, your best bet is a one-off UK date in January.

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