Clutch Writes Song Titled “The Amazing Kreskin”, Catches The Real Amazing Kreskin’s Attention

Posted by on July 10, 2009

clutchkreskinHey, it’s another one of those random metal band connections! Clutch’s upcoming album, Strange Cousins From The West, features a song titled “The Amazing Kreskin”. The song’s namesake is a famous mentalist best known for his numerous (count ’em – 56) appearances on The Tonight Show Staring Johnny Carson in the 1970’s.

While the song itself makes no mention of Kreskin, he was extremely excited and pleased to announce his new-found fandom of the Maryland act. “When the song was titled The Amazing Kreskin, it was originally presented and billed as an instrumental… and as such I find it haunting,” says Kreskin, “I honestly think I could read thoughts while the music was heard in the background.”

“By the time it was introduced in the new album, it became a song with lyrics,” he adds, “While it has no reference to yours truly, I have to say it contains an excellent social commentary and it is so well written and provocative that it will inevitably lend itself to the listeners analyzing the messages and giving their own take on such. It’s rare for a song to have a life after it’s heard, but I predict this will.”

Kreskin is so serious, in fact, that he visited the band (photo above) in Atlantic City this past Friday before their performance at the House of Blues! Who knows, maybe he’ll try to keep his title as Clutch’s #1 fan and find his way over to our Clutch Release Day Party in Brooklyn this Tuesday?

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