When a band is not touring, it’s normal that updates can become scarce. Some bands just need a break, some don’t have a person designated to provide regular updates, and some rely on their label to do that for them. Either way, it’s always nice once a band returns to action and starts communicating with their fans again.

But what happens when that doesn’t occur? What happens when a band simply drops off the map and doesn’t give any indication about their goings-on? That’s what we’re looking at here – a few bands that have mysteriously vanished from the world of metal. Can anyone tell us what happened to these bands?

Bleed the Sky – The Oklahoma City-based groove metal outfit was going strong in 2008. They’d just released Murder the Dance, the strong follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut, Paradigm in Entropy. They served as main support for a US tour with Soulfly and blew most of the crowds away. Following that tour, though, the band dropped off the map. At the time, I’d assumed, like many, that they were either gearing up for another tour or beginning to write material for their third album. But as the months went by, no updates came. The last piece of significant news from Bleed the Sky’s camp is drummer Austin D’Amond joining Chimaira recently. No one has even logged into their MySpace page since November. This is a shame for me and many others, as Bleed the Sky had a very promising future in front of them, despite some of their lineup changes.

Cannae – Our cohorts at MetalSucks asked this in 2009, and someone claiming to be bassist Shane Frisby commented on the story back then, but not much has happened with Cannae even since then. Their MySpace page has remained inactive for the most part, with no logins since October, and their Wikipedia page was deleted in February. Although like the MetalSucks dudes, I don’t really remember Cannae very well, I’m still curious about the band’s whereabouts. The Massachusetts-based group was part of the same scene of aggressive melodic death metal/metalcore groups from outside of Sweden, Finland, and Germany. That scene included now-defunct acts like Himsa and Callenish Circle, and most indicators point to Cannae having gone the same way, which would be unfortunate for the sake of international metal expansion and growth.

Dragonlord – If you’ve never heard of this band, then you are missing out big time. The black metal side project of Testament guitarist Eric Peterson released two amazing albums, Rapture and Black Wings of Destiny, during Testament’s time off. A new album was repeatedly promised by Peterson, amidst some lineup changes and recording setbacks, but the album has yet to surface, despite promises from Peterson that it would come to light early this year. A statement by Peterson that reportedly appeared in Terrorizer magazine last year (and is quoted on their Wikipedia page) makes a troublesome announcement that the album likely won’t be finished, but I’m unable to find out where that quote is cited from. Perhaps most irritating of all, though, is that the band’s MySpace page, Facebook fan page, and Twitter are all regularly updated, but almost all of the updates are things cross-posted from the pages for Testament and fellow Testament side project Dublin Death Patrol. So news specifically related to Dragonlord is hard to come by.

These are just a few of the bands that are missing from action right now. If you have any news about these bands, or want to report another band that is lost from the news, please leave your comments below and your Metal Insider detectives will be on the case.