Geoff Tate Confirms Plans For A “Queensryche Anniversary Tour” In 2013

Posted by on August 17, 2012

While the court sided with his former bandmates, rumors started to spread earlier this week that Geoff Tate was planning to form his own version of Queensryche. And thanks to a new Facebook posting, the possibility of two Queensryche hitting the road looks even more likely.

A new posting on Queensryche’s original Facebook page (which is still controlled by Tate, forcing the current version of Queensryche to launch a new page) popped up late last night promoting Tate’s new solo album. However, the post also teased of some major plans for 2013, saying the following:

“Watch for the announcement of the upcoming 2013 Queensryche Anniversary Tour featuring an All-Star lineup, starring Geoff Tate, the longtime creative and driving force behind the band, whose vocals can be heard on every Queensryche song ever released!”

Granted, this doesn’t confirm that he’s forming his own version of the band. However, the fact that Tate is planning to embark on a “Queensryche Anniversary Tour” with an “all-star” lineup is essentially him trying to compete with Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott Rockenfield’s version of the band. So in other words, fans will soon be left with a choice: see three original members perform as Queensryche or see Tate cover a bunch of songs with a different lineup. That’s what we have to look forward to in 2013…yay?

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