Is Geoff Tate Touring With His Own Version Of Queensryche?

Posted by on August 14, 2012

The battle for the name of Queensryche predictably took a turn for the ugly. However, last month Tate’s legal case was thrown out and the remaining members of Queensryche have been performing under the coveted name. As it turns out, though, that might not stop Tate from forming his own version of the band.

As Billboard discovered, the singer’s personal website was updated with the banner that says “Geoff Tate, The Voice Of Queensryche.” On top of that, booking agency Monterey International bills Tate on their website as “Queensryche Starring Geoff Tate: The Original Voice.” Could this be an indicator that Tate is planning to under his own version of the band?

Well, in his first interview following the split with Rolling Stone, he said he had no interest in doing so. Then again, that was before his lawsuit got dismissed against the band. However, considering that he just signed a new solo deal with InsideOut Music (and let’s face it, having two versions of Great White and L.A. Guns did no one good), we have to believe that this is either merely a typo on Monterey International’s and/or a way to promote Tate while attracting Queensryche fans.

Monterey International did not respond to Billboard’s request to verify the issue at time of pressing, and supposedly an interview with the current members of Queensryche will be posted online sometime today. Either way, while the court battle may be over, the war for Queensryche’s name has not come to an end yet.

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