Kid Rock’s name thrown into MI senator consideration

Posted by on February 15, 2017

Last week, the Michigan Republican Party had their convention, and talk turned to who might take Democrat Debbie Stabenow’s Senate seat. A certain musician’s hat was thrown into the ring, and it was a “Make America Badass Again” hat. Roll Call says Kid Rock’s name was suggested as a candidate. Apparently, no official decisions have been announced yet, and Rock hasn’t even publicly said anything about wanting to run for office. 

That being said, the rapper, who once said he leaned Libertarian, has certainly become more of a Trump fan in recent years. The aforementioned hat is the latest in a line of merchandise Rock is selling, including a shirt with blue states labeled “Dumbfuckistan” and one that says “Onald Trump; The “D” is missing because it’s in every haters’ mouth.” Yup, Michigan, that could be your next Senator. That being said, it could’ve been Ted Nugent’s name being thrown around. It’ll be interesting to see if Rock responds, or how. He’s still popular enough of a musician that he probably won’t want to give that up just yet, but keep in mind that at one point, “President Reagan,” “Governor Ventura,” and “Senator Al Franken” sounded just as ridiculous as “President Trump” did. 

[via Loudwire]


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