Photos/Review: Dance Gavin Dance brought Jackpot Juicer tour to Seattle w/ SiM, Rain City Drive & Within Destruction on 8/29/2023

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Photo By Diane Webb


On August 29th, progressive post-hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance brought their Jackpot Juicer tour to Seattle’s Showbox SODO. Sharing this stacked line-up were Japanese alt-metal/reggae/punk band SiM (Silence iz Mine), American post-hardcore band Rain City Drive, and deathcore/metalcore band Within Destruction. On this evening, just a block over, the MLB Seattle Mariners were set to take on another game with the Oakland Athletics. With what was certain to be a major parking challenge due to two great events to be held in both locations, eager fans showed up early to ensure they weren’t late for this show. As fans began to line up, the skies opened, and the rain started to fall on the line that stretched down the city block. Fans never wavered and held strong until doors opened and, once in, made their way to the merch line to get their tour items.


Within Destruction

Photo By Diane Webb


With a max capacity of 1150, this show was well sold as the fans packed the venue far back and to the sides. In talking with other fans at the show, it was a mix of fans who knew a few or all of the bands. The vibe of the fans was positive, and they were there to have a great time. First up on this night was Within Destruction. Their 3-person group carried a powerful punch of energy, and their performance was the perfect start to the evening. Following next on the line-up was Rain City Drive. Continuing to build the energy, this band brought another fun display of musicianship with lots of movement across the stage. There was a mixed vibe to this appearance of the band members, and each had their own presence that made for an interesting show. 


Rain City Drive

Photo By Diane Webb

Third in this line-up, and the most anticipated band for me personally was SiM. This was the first time SiM had played live in Seattle, so it was a history-making moment for me and all the SiM fans who supported them. On this tour, the band is rotating their setlist, so fans do not know what to expect at each other tour stop, except for a few songs that have stayed steadily in the mix, TxHxC, Kiss of Death, Killing Me, and f.a.i.t.h. For the Seattle stop, fans got to enjoy Get Up, Get Up, TxHxC, Kiss of Death, The Rumbling, Hide and Seel, Devil in Your Heart, Blah Blah Blah, Killing Me, and f.a.i.t.h. 

SiM had a hyped set, and one moment that caught me during their show was standing behind a group of three people who had never listened to them before. During the last song, f.a.i.t.h, there is a killer breakdown, and when that part came, the two guys were shocked and looked at each other and started really enjoying the song. This is exactly what live music is about that memorable moment that catches someone off guard and makes a new fan. SiM made a lasting impression on the Seattle crowd, and I heard many say they hope this won’t be the only show they ever do in Seattle. SiM, if you read this, you are invited to return to Seattle!



Photo By Diane Webb

On to the headliners of this tour, Dance Gavin Dance. While in the line waiting to enter the venue, I listened to a couple of fans in a deep conversation about the band, and one question they pondered was, who exactly is Gavin since there has never been a Gavin in the band. Well, there was no Gavin; the band’s name was given by former member Jonny Craig, but no mention of anyone known as Gavin. That point for them will remain a mystery for now. What is no longer a mystery is how the show would go. With this tour being in support of their 2022 album Jackpot Juicer, Dance Gavin Dance had a fun stage set up with three large LED panels, one set to center stage with the drum riser at the top and the other two at each side of the centerboard. The boards changed from time to time with the band name, the Jackpot Juicer imagery, and other fun images. In the background, a giant banner with the band’s name and artwork from the album. The band members danced while performing and hyped the crowd up through their set.

The band played a long set of 15 songs in total. A mix of old and new songs pleased the fans, who cheered and sang along to many songs. The setlist from this show could easily have been taken from the most popular tracks listed on Spotify! It was that close of a setlist (I’ll list it below for anyone interested). From beginning to end, this tour had a fantastic line-up. No band failed to impress, and fans definitely enjoyed the evening. This tour wraps up on October 4th in Detroit, MI, at the Masonic Temple Theatre. Make sure to get out and support this killer line-up! One thing to note: if you want to catch SiM on this tour, their last date is September 30th at the Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, NJ.


Dance Gavin Dance

Photo By Diane Webb

Dance Gavin Dance Setlist Seattle:

The Ghost of Billy Royalton


Head Hunter

For the Jeers

Cream of the Crop

Tree Village

Count Bassy

Lyrics Lie

Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise

Feels Bad Man

Young Robot


Die Another Day


We Own the Night


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