Photos: Neurosis 30th anniversary, Regency Ballroom, San Francisco CA, 3/5/16

Posted by on March 10, 2016

32-neurosis-17Neurosis are one of the most important and iconic bands in the post metal genre and they’ve been considered the godfathers of that style which was developed during the 30 years of their career. To celebrate the milestone, the band announce a handful of shows to commemorate their inception and Metal Insider contributing photographer Sarah Churchill witnessed one of the nights in San Francisco and shows us the experience through her lens.

Steve Albini said it best as he addressed the crowd between songs during Shellac’s set at the Regency Ballroom.  There is music that came before Neurosis and then there is the music that was created after Neurosis.  There are few bands that have not had Neurosis influence them in one form or another over the years.
After 30 years together, Neurosis have become the lantern in the fog.  Always forging on, exploring and creating new sounds that many never would have thought to make.  Neurosis have never buckled under social norms or trends.  They have always created what is right for them and you can hear and feel it in every single album.  With three sold out shows and bands like Sleep, Shellac, and Converge joining the stage, it is easy to see how much respect fans and fellow musicians have for Neurosis.

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