Photos: Baroness, Brooklyn NY, Saint Vitus, 12/20

Posted by on January 6, 2016

In the month leading up to the release of Baroness’ fourth album, Purple, the band went on a small club tour. Their first American jaunt since a bus accident three years ago left the future of the band in doubt, it was a triumphant return. And while the band could have easily played venues twice the size of the ones they did, this tour was both a way for them to test the waters, as well as new material from the band’s album, which was released two days before the end of their tour. The underplay worked for the band, with close to the entire tour sold out long before they played a note. The new material works well too, and given that they barely got a chance to play anything from Yellow and Green before the accident cut their touring cycle short, they had plenty of music to play from the last three years. Metal Insider contributing photographer Melinda Oswandel was on hand for the show at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus on December 20th and captured the following pictures.




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