This past weekend, Cuba got a chance to see some American rock and roll for one  the first times since the two countries began discussions to renew diplomatic relations. The Dead Daisies, which counts Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus and keyboardist Dizzy Reed, drummer Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne), and bassist Marco Mendoza among its ranks, played the country as part of the “Cuba Rocks for Peace” concert. Photographer Katarina Benzova was on hand to document it. Fortus spoke to us about the trip:

“Our experiences in Cuba were ones that I will never forget.  It was such a dream come true to not only experience the beauty of Havana and the talent of the Cuban musicians, but also to play for the amazing rock fans in Cuba.  The one thing that i had never dreamt, was that we would be so graciously welcomed.  The shows were some of the best that we’ve played as a band.  I hope that this is only the beginning of our relationship with Cuba.  Thank you to all that made it so special for us.”

Drummer Brian Tichy also responded, but we think he might’ve been smoking something other than a fine Cuban cigar:

“It’s so weird… I got home and the first thing I did was starting cubing ham… then I started multiplying everything by itself and then itself again..   yes.. I was Cubing …. Then I was making drinks for friends..  I’d always put extra ice Cubes in … and I got great enjoyment
from this..  I was laughing all silly and 1/2 insane … I’d say to them… “How’s about another Cube!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!”  ….

I thought I was losing my mind…. so I kicked back and lit up a doob.  But that was right after I applied for a job at Jiffy Lube!
It got one step weirder when my friend said …  “Hey!  Let’s go swimming!”
I said … “Hell yeah, for sure!  Can we SCUBA!!” I also got this uncontrollable desire to buy a Tuba…   now that threw even me off!
It was until I realized..   whoa!!!!  That rhymes with Cuba!

So…. I’m not sure what exactly happened there..  must’ve been too much time in the cigar-smoke-infested  bar drinking Cuba Libra’s with Dizzy…   But all in all , I am proud to have gotten to be a part of a trek that not many have trekked…    You guys are all cool…  Hope to see you, jam with you, hang with you all soon..  I am not hard to get a hold of for just about any reason..   Just remember this one important thing:
yup!    C.U.B.A.!!!!!