Eating It Up with Primitive Weapons: A Food Diary (Part 1)

Posted by on December 6, 2018

Primitive Weapons are touring across the country with Cult Leader and God Mother on select dates of the trek in support of their latest effort, Surrender Yourself. We decided to bring back Metal Insider’s “Eating It Up” column as we get to see what food the group are able to grab while on the road. For their first entry, the band has written an extensive explanation about their findings ranging from the Wawa to an Iron Maiden burger.

“One thing all the members of Primitive Weapons share is our love for food. We started our 15 hour trek from Brooklyn to Chicago, IL with some WAWA sandwiches, which while it may not be greatest thing in the world, we always get excited when we see the signs as we leave NYC and enter the NJ/Philly area. As you can see from the pics, we’re pretty stoked about designing our own sandwiches electronically and using these footlongs as fuel to get through the long ass drive.

The next day as we prepped for the first show of tour in the Windy City, we visited Chicago’s well known heavy metal food chain, KUMA’s corner. Dave got the High on Fire burger and I got the Iron Maiden. The burgers didn’t disappoint and it was also a nice treat to hear everything from Botch (90’s metalcore before this word turned into an ugly one) to Meshuggah. The menu had a similar vibe, paying homage to everyone from Black Sabbath and Judas Priest to contemporary metal bands like Yob, Mastodon and High on Fire. Kudos to the spot for awesome decor, ranging from cool High on Fire and Eyehategod framed posters and a sweet Dave Mustaine print. We even saw a guy eating by us, who we are fairly positive was Billy Milano from SOD \m/ We highly recommend this place to anyone that loves metal and good bar food!

Next notable eating experience was Bar Raval in Toronto, CA. Pictured are tons of tapas, ranging from Kitchen Bread with roasted peppers and anchovies, Duck Hearts with Dats, Jamon Croquetas, Smoked Mackerel, Blood Sausage with chickpeas, Grilled Octopus and tons of amazing cocktails.Our good friend, Alex Goodall brought us, who owns Victor Dries Events, which is affiliated with this bar along with Bar Isabel, which are all HIGHLY recommended if you’re in the area.

On the first day off, we stayed in Toronto and Dave checked out the amazing Mean Bao. Pictured are some killer dumplings. Also highly recommended, especially after a night of drinking! Next up is Detroit. Stoked to share more of our food escapades!“



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