Abysmal Dawn were “Programmed to Consume” Brooklyn on Valentine’s Day

Posted by on March 3, 2020


Our everyday busy lives can somehow make us lose sight of our passions and desires. It’s not always easy to juggle a job with finding time to follow our hearts as there are only so many hours in a day. However, life somehow finds a way. And that’s what Abysmal Dawn has done. Between forming his own studio, Tastemaker Audio, to working full time, frontman/guitarist Charles Elliott is one hard-working individual. These Los Angeles death metal giants are currently gearing up for their first full-length album in six years with Phylogenesis, which is scheduled to arrive on April 17th via Season of Mist (pre-order here). 

The last time I saw this group was a few years ago when they opened for Marduk in 2017. On February 14th, 2020, there was a visible change as they dominated Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York while supporting Vader’s tour. Ultimately, it was an evening filled with death metal but, fans packed the floor when it was time for Abysmal Dawn to take the stage.

Charles demanded circle pits as the room turned into an endless moshing spiral. Abysmal Dawn are up there on the death metal food chain. Their overall energy, presence, and music, blisters in with such bitter brutality. However, musically, there’s so much depth behind each ruthless track. You will soon hear this on their latest offering. Abysmal Dawn goes beyond their blast beats, distorted riffs, and pristine production. The meaning behind each track holds a cutthroat and yet truthful outlook on reality. There’s a slice of honesty for everyone to chew on while listening to their maddening and precise tunes. Somehow, the band managed to execute such harshness live. There wasn’t much cell phone use going on either. Valentine’s Day was devoted to Abysmal Dawn, and they brought the perfect love affair as death metal was in the air. 

Abysmal Dawn’s new record could arguably be one of the best death metal albums you will hear this year. And hopefully, this can lead to more tours because this is a group you do not want to miss both on stage and record. 



“Programmed to Consume”

“In Service of Time”

“Perfecting Slavery”



“Human Obsolescence”

“True to the Blind”

“The Inevitable Return to Darkness”





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